The home-made toolbox for developers.

Oftentimes I have to convert the JSON files into YAML, and vice versa. There are a lot of online converters but I dare not use them because those tools might secretly store my files, which could contain confidential information.

I decided to build the tools by myself that never upload the data to the server, unless specified otherwise. Please feel free to use them, or fork the repo and deploy it yourself.


The website is written in Vue.js. It was running on my own VPS originally, but I switched to Firebase recently.

Data Converter

Auto detect JSON and YAML format, and convert from one to another.

Password Generator

There are many password generators. I often worry that they store the generated passwords into the rainbow table.


You can paste anything into Pastebin, and retrieve it later in another device.

(⚠️ Unlike the other tools, Pastebin stores the data on Firestore.)

Cover Photo by Jo Szczepanska